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4L Patterdale Terrier is a small kennel owned by John and Rene Lonkey that is located in the rural Ten Davis area of Idaho between the towns of Parma and Notus. We breed a limited number of litters each year emphasizing the Patterdale Terriers natural temperament as a companion dog, their will to hunt and their ability to go-to-ground. Our Patterdale Terriers are working members of our family, puppies are hand raised in our home and socialized to people, dogs and livestock. All puppies are Vet checked and up to date on vaccinations. We have been line breeding to Nuttall’s Miner with great results. Our stud Luke was sired by Blacky in Brian Nuttall’s yard at Chapel Holmes, England.

Patterdales are a rare breed in the U.S.A. that is becoming much sought after. This increases the chances of people breeding without regard to retaining the unique characteristics of the breed. If you are interested in owning a true Patterdale Terrier, a best friend and one of the most sought after hunting dogs ever breed drop us an e-mail at info@4lpatterdale.net and we promise to get back to you.