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The Patterdale Terrier is a tough, active terrier and should give a compact, well balanced image. Height should be between 10" to 13" measured at the shoulders. Weight should be proportionate, presenting neither a "weedy" or "clunky" image.

Scars received while working will not be penalized and should be considered a badge of honor. In conformation evaluation, with all things being equal ...a terrier with working scars should be given precedence over a terrier with none.


As a working terrier, the Patterdale must be able to follow it's quarry through small tunnels.

If the chest is too big, the terrier will not be able to complete it's job efficiently.

As a general rule, you should be able to "hand span" the terrier's chest with the fingers of both hands touching.


The back should be strong and level, with length in proportion to the dogs height.

If the back is too short the terrier may not be flexible enough to move around underground.


The legs should be straight, with good bone. The feet turning neither in or out.

The rear should have good angulation, with the hocks turning neither in or out.


The head should give the impression of strength and be in proportion to the rest of the body. Two types of head may be prevalent; a Bull terrier influence or a Lakeland terrier influence.

The muzzle should not appear snippy.


The teeth should meet in a scissors bite, however a level bite is acceptable.

Undershot or overshot is a fault, and should be considered in the working context.

Teeth lost or broken while working will not be penalized.


Button ear, with tight fold, and tips of ears meeting the skull at the corner of the eye.


The neck should be muscular and proportionate to the head and body.


The tail should be set high on rump. It should not be carried over the back.

If you choose to dock, no more than 1/4 should be removed. As an adult, approximately a "palm's width" is preferable, should provide a good "hand-hold".


The coat may be "Smooth" or "Rough".
Both types should be dense and coarse.


Colors include: Black, Red, Chocolate, or Black and Tan.

Chocolate-colored dogs may have a liver-colored nose.
(Officially called a "red" nose)

Some white on chest and feet is acceptable.


Height may range from 10 to 13 inches.
Weight should be proportionate to the terrier's height.

A very muscular dog will weigh more than it looks.

You should be able to feel the ribs, but not see them.


(1) Cryptorchid

(Neutered dogs or spayed bitches are not prohibited from conformation, as it does not affect their ability to work).

(2) Shyness or viciousness

Terriers with these disqualifications should not be bred.